How is your communication?

Would you like to enhance your communication skills?

Would you like to boost your results?

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In the Twenty First century, effective communication skills are paramount.

If you know how to communicate, you will know how to sell more persuasively, you will know how to lead a team more effectively and you will know how to train people more constructively.

What is communication?

Influencing | Motivating | Enjoying | Listening | Seducing | Persuading | Negotiating | Developing | Understanding | Experiencing | Empathizing

Thanks to our experience in Marketing, our focus is on prioritizing your goals in each workshop.

Our professional results depend on how we communicate.

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    disfrutas comunicado

    Nestle Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Universitat Abat Oliba CEU Movistar  Softonic   EAE Business School

    María Muñoz was an excellent teacher with us. She was always attentive in class, featuring attractive, innovative and creative content. She contributed to a rich both professional and personal growth and social. Excellent professional, great person!
    Maria Marta Stopa, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
    María was the number one guide for 10 months of work in my training as a journalist. Every encounter with her left a pleasant taste and opened a new window allowing me to see things differently. Her work was instrumental in the master. I really recommend her. If you want to be a good speaker, trust her.
    María Bertorelli, EAE Business School
    Close, empathetic and sympathetic. María is really a person who enjoys communicating and sharing knowledge with others. It is always a pleasure to surround yourself with people as creative and thoughtful as María. Thank you!
    Álvaro Lozano, Digital Marketing Specialist , AEFOL
    Working with María is easy thanks to her great receptiveness and ability to understand and transform the ideas from HR into results that exceed expectations. She brings value to the organization and continually surprises us engaging the learners and helping them to achieve their goals.
    Cristina Rodríguez, Human Resources, Kern Pharma
    María was my teacher in the last year of Advertising & Brand Comms’ Degree. She taught “Public Speaking Skills”. She surprised all of us. She brought forward practical and useful exercises to improve our abilities to introduce our projects. Besides she gave us interesting tools and tips to develop our professional career. María is outstanding. She knows how to encourage their students to achieve great results.
    Rubén Tamayo, Universitat Abat Oliba CEU
    María is an excellent professional and a better person. Her trainings are amazing, bright and dynamic. She is always focused on productivity and encourages people to grow professionally and personally. professional and personal growth.
    Yolanda García. Jefe de ventas distribuidor, Movistar
    Great trainer: warm, humble and human. She enjoys her work and conveys her knowledge with illusion. We are excited at each of her trainings. She has made several Leadership trainings and everyone comes out really motivated and eager to change their work habits and reinforce them.
    Manel Tejero, Formación Joyería, TOUS
    Maria is an excellent professional, creative, positive, and inquisitive (as in always looking for ways to improve her knowledge) and leaves a positive impression on every single one of our employees who go through one of her training courses. Consistently her training courses are evaluated as “very good – excellent. One of the best soft skills trainers I have ever known.
    Sue Harrand, Training Coordinator, Nestle

    Our Commitment to Training People

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