Improve your Communication Skills in English to improve professionally

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Communication and English are two words focused on our professional productivity in this 21st century. We are aware that Communication is everything today. If we know how to Communicate, we know how to Lead, how to Sell and how to Teach. If we also know how to Communicate in a good English, our range of opportunities [...]

How is your Communication in your Virtual Meetings?

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  Tired of investing 1 full day to attend a 2-hour meeting in London? More and more companies optimize their time and resources by hosting Virtual Meetings. People from anywhere in the world connected online… New technologies allow delivering virtual meetings. Prepare them in advance and enjoy fantastic results!   Top Online Platforms for Your Virtual [...]

Make learners be the protagonists in your class!

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Make learners be the protagonists in your class! Do your learners feel involved in your classes? Do they feel they can talk, participate and interact? Do you feel that you care about them, that you develop their potential and make them grow? This is the NEW EDUCATION that powers César Bona, the only teacher in Spain [...]

Do you practise Assertiveness in your Communication?

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Assertiveness is a word that expresses a positive predisposition to establish and maintain constructive relationships, win-win relationships, where everyone involved in a conversation has a benefit. Assertiveness defends our right to express a different opinion. That does not mean that we are against the other person. We just do not share his/her thoughts and [...]

Happy New Year 2017 full of new Ideas and new Wishes !

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Currently in Spain, we are enjoying our Christmas time with all our family and friends. Did you learn interesting new things during last year 2016 and do you have new exciting challenges for 2017? We hope so... We wish you a New Year 2017 full of new Ideas, new Projects and new Adventures... A Christmas Spanish [...]

Learning to Customize Teaching

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  With this title, Ivan Ostrowicz surprised the audience TEDx Barcelona on October 7, at our meeting LIMITLESS. For me, the best conference during an afternoon full of learning sensations, starring people who wanted to share with more than 500 people their experiences. Ivan Ostrowicz began with a Creative Opening his talk, implicating everyone and [...]

Does the school year also begin in your company?

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September is the perfect month for everyone to think how we communicate in our company and what we can improve. In the 21st century, effective Communication skills are paramount. If you know how to communicate, you will know how to sell more persuasively, you will know how to lead a team more effectively and you [...]

Communication between teacher and adult learners

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As most of you already know, I’m enrolled in a degree in Adult Education in Stockport University, in Manchester. My aim is enrich myself with new ideas and methodologies to improve my future trainings and, of course, learning and enjoying. And I’m enjoying it a lot! There are 3 differentiating points English trainers apply: Thinking [...]

Communicating with neighbours

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An English good friend of mine, Sue, who lives in Barcelona encouraged us to prepare a party to meet our new neighbours When arrived to Manchester, we went to introduce ourselves to our 4 nearest neighbours. Two of them looked surprised and the other 2 families were very friendly. A few days later, we went back [...]