As most of you already know, I’m enrolled in a degree in Adult Education in Stockport University, in Manchester. My aim is enrich myself with new ideas and methodologies to improve my future trainings and, of course, learning and enjoying. And I’m enjoying it a lot!

There are 3 differentiating points English trainers apply:

  1. Thinking continuously in the individual needs of their learners: physical needs, social needs… why are they attending my class? In my personal case, I’m the only foreign student and I have a “helpline telephone” to call if I need it.
  2. Prioritize “learning” versus “teaching”. Trainers are focused on assessing and evaluating how the student is learning. Most words used are: learning, applying and developing. They think in Bloom’s Taxonomy when training.
  3. Promote interaction learner-student and between learners. Take out students from their “comfort zone”. Edgar Dale’s Learning Pyramid shows us how much people remember based on how they encounter information and implicate actively.


ENGLISH Retención de la informaciónWhat do you think about how these three points are applying in your country? Could you please give me your feedback?