September is the perfect month for everyone to think how we communicate in our company and what we can improve.

In the 21st century, effective Communication skills are paramount.

If you know how to communicate, you will know how to sell more persuasively, you will know how to lead a team more effectively and you will know how to train people more constructively.

How is your communication?

When we want to positively influence our audience, words are not enough. Influencing, persuading, negotiating, sharing are verbs that involve knowing how our brains work by receiving external stimuli. As Martha Burns, neuroscientist professor, says “in order to impact our learners we need surprising forms of communication using refreshing and creative exhibition that inspires and provokes your messages are better remembered”.

Do you dialogue or “monologue”?

Before starting talking or writing, we should think about who we are addressing our communication to: who will listen to us or who will read our email.

Do we prioritize our interests or we really want to add value to our audience?

How to get it? First of all, prepare your attitude and dialogue, without prejudice, with an open mind. Be brave!

Different keys for different audiences:

  1. Customize your communication for each customer
  2. Always motivate your employees as a global goal, with “magic” words.
  3. Find out your audience’s needs before a meeting or a presentation.

Customized Communication

We all have a lot of experience in our respective areas, we dominate our products or services, we perfectly know the pros and cons of our company, and we usually improvise when we are in front of the customer because … “I know what he/she is going to ask me, I know what he/she needs, I know the objections, I know what conditions he/she likes … If so, the communication becomes routine … instead of being a daily challenge.

We should learn to ask with an objective, we should learn to listen in a bidirectionally sense, and we should learn to respond in a most personalized way. Our client should notice that our proposal is “customized”.

Once you stop learning, you start dying

You are a great professional and therefore you strive to improve every day.

New challenges arise every day, new goals knock at your door and you have to be ready to face them. 21st century challenges are different and unique!

Be aware of your needs and focus yourself on what you would like to improve: better structure your presentations, develop your creativity, customize your clients’ speeches, better involve your colleagues in a proactive team…

Share your concerns with Human Resources and surprise them with your desire to improve and participate in new trainings.

In September the school year begins for you too!