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Hi all!

When we decided to move to Manchester, our first contacts with England were basically by email.

English Communication by email was always respectful and very organized. I will remark 4 points:

  1. They always greet and say goodbye in a very friendly way. “Dear María” in their first emails… “Hi Maria” when they already know you.
  2. They answer very quickly your emails, within 24 hours. I loved it! and that encouraged me in my British adventure.
  3. They always help you. Even they don’t know the answer, they address you to other people or give you some websites to get the information you need. I thank specially to the Stockport Council who helped us to find the best High School for our two children. Maurice Kilbride
  4. Commitment is one of their main features. Mrs Speers from Maurice Kilbride sent us lots of photographs and information about the house we had chosen. Even estate search websites give quick answers. Essential websites to find housing: and

Rightmove zoopla

I look forward to seeing you soon!