I’m happy to share with all of you how my daughter’s teachers give personalized feedback to all the students in the class!

It’s not just in our High School… I have spoken with different colleagues whose children are in English Schools in Manchester-public or private- and this is not an exception.

The key Word is FEEDBACK

Every time learners do their homework, they receive their feedback during the following class.

Teachers give their feedback written in green colour to differentiate it.

3 kinds of Feedback:

1. Personalized Feedback: all the students have their own goals according with their skills showed in that subject. It is always a very challenging goal!

MARIA MUÑOZ_Feedback personalizado1

2. Positive Feedback: www (What Works well). Sometimes teachers give merits to students to keep them more motivated.

MARIA MUÑOZ_ Feedback Andrea1

3. Constructive feedback: EBI (Even better if). Teachers tell learners how to improve results and encourages them to re-write the exercise and show it to the teacher.

When there is an assessment, students also receive all their feedback in the next class, with this notes.

When a good percentage of the class shows bad results, teachers review all the contents and decide to repeat the exam. The important thing is Quality! Learning, not teaching is the key! They always do a lot of exercises and practices to experience the subject and understand it.

At the beginning of the class/course, they set the rules about the best way to do the homework in order learners feel confident and proud of themselves.