• Our mission is to share our Communication Skills and keep on learning.
  • Our dream is a world with greater personal, professional and social wellbeing through better communication.
  • Our 3 values: Commitment, Empathy and Creativity.


3 Steps in the IN & OUT Strategy

  1. Who? Knowing our learners’ needs is the first step to define the starting point. What do they like to enhance their communication for? What is their experience in Communication? What are their profiles?
  2. Why? SMART Objectives: we will defined from the needs of the person or group. Always Individual Objectives to track them.
  3. What? We will work on a personalized, creative and effective option for achieving these objectives. Which kind of communication would they need to improve?
    • Should we focus on the “IN” or INTERNAL COMMUNICATION Communication? Self-Awareness, Self-Concept and Self-Esteem.
    • Should we foster the “OUT” or External Communications to communicate more effectively with others? With our team, our customers, our managers, our peers …

The key to success is ALWAYS your attitude to enhance your relationships. We need to be very, very attentive to others’ communication if we like influencing positively.

“The most important of the communication is hearing what is not said”

– Peter Drucker