We have been a few days in London and we have really enjoyed the experience: Music, colour, freedom, order, diversity, tolerance… It is a cosmopolitan city!

Puente de Londres

BIG BEN_Maria Muñoz Roca_Comunicación

El BIG BEN también se comunica con nosotros. ¿Qué te sugiere?



And how have English people communicated with us?

Most of them have been kind and have answered our questions … Whenever we meet two requirements:

  1. Speak good English:it is difficult to find an English person speaking Spanish, so we must make an effort to learn their language.
  2. Communicate with them with great humility and high education.If you are direct and ask “Where is the British Museum?”… they will stare at you and seem to take offense. The correct sentence would be: “Could you please tell me where is the British Museum?” Or “May I ask you a question?”…

MAY I ASK YOU A QUESTION_ María Muñoz Roca_Comunicación

The same happened when we visited some restaurants. We’ll never say “One beer!” NO!!! The right sentence will be: “I’d like a beer please”

BEER PLEASE_María Muñoz Roca_Comunicación

And if you need a pen, never ask it this way: “Do you lend me your pen?” We should say: “Could you please lend me your pen?” or “Can I borrow your pen please?”

Borrow a pen_ María Muñoz Roca_ Comunicación

These ”magic” words will make easier to communicate with English people. Try it and tell me!