Make learners be the protagonists in your class!

Do your learners feel involved in your classes?

Do they feel they can talk, participate and interact?

Do you feel that you care about them, that you develop their potential and make them grow?

This is the NEW EDUCATION that powers César Bona, the only teacher in Spain who has been a candidate and finalist in the Global Teacher Prize (2015). In that edition, Nancie Atwel, USA, was the winner, a teacher who motivates her students and helps them enjoying reading. Her students read on average 40 books a year! And in 2015, 96% of her students enrolled at the University. Are they better learners? No!!! They have a different teacher, a better teacher!!

The Keys to Education in the 21st Century

Respect, Empathy, Sensibility are the 3 keys to education of the 21st century that highlights César Bona in his book “The new education”. In every class, he is focusing always in the learners. Why?

  • Because they are the leaders of the future, our future engineers, our future hairdressers, our future politicians…
  • Because a teacher should adapt his/her teachings to his/her audience’s needs and renew every day with the new methodologies.
  • Because every day we need to enhance the Curiosity, Creativity and Imagination of the learners and the only way to do this is by relying on them and giving them active roles in each class, always keeping them in the front line.

Learners have to feel involved every day in the classroom: they are not there to receive information. They are THE PROTAGONISTS.

How do we like our teachers treat us?

When we are attending a training course –as an adult- we like to be heard, asked for our opinion, valued and respected. Why do we think that younger people deserve another treat?

In the 21st century, learners and participants in courses, seminars and workshops are the real protagonists. The teacher or trainer has to be at their service, always oriented to develop the talent and get everyone to enjoy the magical moment of learning. When learners feel protagonists, they feel powerful, they feel strong and they feel able to learn anything!

I invite you to watch the talk of César Bona entitled “The new challenges of Education” to continue discovering why it is important that our students are and always feel protagonists.